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Microbe-Lift KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster



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Microbe-Lift KH Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster provides the essential alkalinity for nitrification. When pond carbonate levels fall below the necessary level, nitrification will stop and will fail to start again. KH levels must be maintained between 50-100ppm. With insufficient KH levels, pH levels will also vary and be difficult to control.
  • Provides the KH (carbonate alkalinity) necessary for ammonia removal (7.1mg of KH needed for each mg of ammonia removed)
  • Contains carbonate hardness constituents and bacterial cultures
  • Use for tap water, tank water or when changing water
  • Keep out of reach of children and avoid inhaling or getting in eyes

Each pound raises KH by approximately:

  • 25ppm in 2,667 gallons
  • 50ppm in 1,333 gallons
  • 80ppm in 800 gallons
UPC Code 097121210616 097121210623 097121210630
Size 2lb 8lb 20lb
Raises by 25ppm 5,335 gallons 21,340 gallons 53,350 gallons
Raises by 50ppm 2,667 gallons 10,668 gallons 26,670 gallons
Raises by 80ppm 1,600 gallons 6,400 gallons 16,000 gallons

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