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MinnFinn Max is the commercial strength version of MinnFinn. This treats 8000 gallons whereas the MinnFinn regular strength treats 2240 gallons.

Introducing the big guns of koi pond treatment - the MinnFinn Max and Neufinn dynamic duo! These two mean business when it comes to cleaning your pond, with commercial strength that can take on even the toughest pond problems.

But don't let their serious demeanor fool you - MinnFinn Max and Neufinn know how to have a good time too. They'll turn your pond into a party, with crystal clear water and happy, healthy fish.

And while they're powerful enough to take down pesky parasites, bacteria, and fungus, they're also gentle and kind to your aquatic friends. No need to worry about any collateral damage with these two superheroes on the job!

So if you want to give your pond the best of both worlds - serious cleaning power and a good time - MinnFinn Max and Neufinn are the dynamic duo for you. Trust us, your fish will thank you for it!

MinnFinn Treatment Uses

Easy to use
Your Minn Finn treatment takes only one hour, compared with conventional treatments which can take days to weeks. The treatment is halted by adding NeuFinn, eliminating the need for a water change, and providing a safety net if too much MinnFinn® is applied.

Application of MinnFinn Max (Part 1)

  1. One bottle treats 8000 gallons.
  2. It is recommended that the user wear gloves and eye protection when applying MinnFinn.
  3. Make sure you have an accurate pond volume to avoid over dose and under dose.
  4. Increase aeration to pond to maximize oxygen levels and to ensure proper mixing of treatment.
  5. When treating flukes and Costia, leave filter online for the first treatment. When treating other diseases placing filter on bypass is optional. If left online, expect small impact on nitrification for 2 to 3 days. Bypass filter for further treatments.
  6. Dilute the required quantity of MinnFinn in a 3/4 full 5-gallon bucket using water from the pond to be treated or tap water for up to 250 ml of MinnFinn. Use a separate bucket for each 250 ml of MinnFinn to be applied.
  7. Spread the mixture around the entire edge of the pond or in the upwelling from an air diffuser to ensure good mixing, which will reduce the potential of an area of high concentration fish may pass through.
  8. Let MinnFinn treatment run for one hour.
  9. Normal treatment behavior will be lethargy, mild to moderate increase in respiration, and possible mild agitation.
  10. See required NeuFinn* directions for preparation prior to the end of the treatment.
  11. If fish appear severely distressed indicated by rolling over and appear to be falling asleep, apply NeuFinn* immediately anytime during the treatment.
  12. Do not use with any other treatment.

Preparation and application of NeuFinn (Part 2) REQUIRED

  1. Mix the required amount of NeuFinn neutralizer in 3/4 of a 5-gallon bucket with either pond water or tap water. Use a separate bucket for each 1/4 bag of NeuFinn applied.
  2. After the one-hour MinnFinn treatment is completed, apply the dissolved NeuFinn to the pond in the same manner as you did the MinnFinn around the perimeter of the pond or over an air diffuser.
  3. Return water flow to the pond and/or filter.


Application Rates For each 100 gallons of pond water, treat and neutralize with the following:

  • 1.6 fl oz (44.63 ml) of MinnFinn.
  • 3 measured teaspoons (17.25 grams) of NeuFinn neutralizer.

For each 2,000 gallons of pond water, treat and neutralize with the following:

  • 30.1 fl oz (892 ml) of MinnFinn.
  • 1-1/4 cups (345 grams) of NeuFinn neutralizer.


  1. Do not use with invertebrates.
  2. Not for use on food fish.
  3. If water becomes cloudy, do water changes and monitor ammonia and nitrite levels.
  4. Do not use with any other treatments. Also do not use for 7 days following a nitrofurizone treatment of other furan type medication.

Safety (also see bottle)

  1. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  2. Do not ingest.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.

Storage and Disposal

  1. Store in original container.
  2. Bottle contains liquid product with a vented cap.
  3. Store with indicated side up to prevent leakage.
  4. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  5. Maintain temperature below 75°F.
  6. Avoid contact with combustible materials.
  7. Avoid contamination from any source, including metals, dust, etc. Such contamination may cause rapid decomposition, generation of large quantities of oxygen gas, and high pressures.

IMPORTANT: This item cannot be returned. All sales are final, as it requires special certification to be shipped ground. A signature will be required for delivery of this medication.

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