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NutraPond Aquatic Plant Fertilizer with Humic Acids



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NutraPond Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Tablets 15-5-4 with Humic Acids


Apply "Only Once" in early spring!!

Save time, money and mess!!

Full Season Slow-Release Fertilizer Tablets that contain essential nutrients for your aquatic plants with Humic Acids, which may increase uptake of Micro Nutrients.

The ureaform that is used in our tablets is a high quality, non-burning slow release, and long feeding fertilizer. It has an extremely low salt index and resists excessive leaching from the soil.

NutraPond Aquatic Plant Tablets are designed to be used on all aquatic plantings, which include waterlilies, lotus, bog plants and underwater plants.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 3 Tablets per gallon for most plants. Use more or less depending on size of container used. Use double amount for lotus and tropical waterlilies. Gently push into soil at top of container 1" deep, spaced evenly around rim of container. Apply only as directed. Fertilize only once a season!