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OASE Fountain Nozzles



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Whether you want a formal or a lively pattern in your pond, OASE has you covered.

These nozzles can be used with Neptun Pumps or on pipe connections of your choosing.

Frothy Nozzle

Four Pattern Nozzle Set (1/2")

Oase 4 Pattern Nozzle SetThe Four Pattern Nozzle Set, is a great choice for the pond owner that loves a variety of fountain patterns. From a beautiful 2-tier trumpet column to a globe of perfectly smooth water, you truly can change your fountain to fit your mood.

See the patterns below!


Fountain Nozzles are a simple way to increase the visual profile of your backyard pond or fountain. The added benefit of aeration is also something that should not be overlooked, this will help all the biology of your pond from your fish to your beneficial bacteria. Adding a fountain to your existing pond is not only beautiful but beneficial, look at our fountain nozzle specifications below!

4-Pattern Nozzle Set Frothy 35-10E Nozzle Extension
Extension Height 5 in. - 11-20 in.
Pattern Size with
Aquarius Universal 180
1 x 2 ft. - -
Pattern Size with
Aquarius Universal 370
2 x 3 ft. - -
Pattern Size with
Neptun 1600
- 3 ft. -
Pattern Size with
Neptun 2600
- 4 ft. -
Thread Size and Type 1/2 in. male 1 in. male 1 in. male
Part Number 51262 53224 53227

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