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OASE OxyTex Air Diffuser



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The OxyTex Air Diffuser is a pond aerator and filter medium"all in one. In combination with an AquaOxy 450 air pump, it injects air for optimized gas exchange and works to ensure that the health of your koi and fish stock remain healthy and thriving. A unique combination of oxygen supply, water circulation and nutrient decomposition, OxyTex is a perfect supplement for any OASE filter.

The OxyTex air diffuser is beneficial just as beneficial for your filter as the fish in your pond. It is capable of increasing filter efficiency by up to 25%. In addition to increasing filter efficiency it also acts as a stable habitat for the beneficial bacteria that keep the pond healthy and clear.

  • Unique pond aerator with a large surface for micro organisms.
  • Multi-functional: Oxygen supply, circulation and nutrient decomposition in one.
  • Supplemental nutrient decomposition, ideal as a supplement for the FiltoMatic CWS.
  • Biological activation of the entire pond.
  • Implementation as individual filter medium is possible.
  • Dimensions: 9 X 12 inch
  • Up to .56 CFM
  • 16 Ft Air Tube length
  • Re circulation of 10m³/h with the OxyTex at a water depth of 1 m.

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty