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Pond Boss Pond Pumps


Pond Boss

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Max Flow Rate

Pond Boss Pond Pumps are ETL Listed pumps, among the most convenient pond pumps on the market, 30% more efficient than the average pond pump. These fully submersible pumps handle small debris and feature variable flow control. They are epoxy encapsulated and oil free, allowing for full submersion and maximum durability with no harmful effects to the pump or water feature.

  • Energy-efficient magnetic drive with ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Epoxy encapsulated pumps are fully submersible
  • Oil free pumps are safe for fish and plants
  • Built-in variable flow control
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 3 year limited warranty
Max Pond Size Tubing
Watts Amps Cord
PP225 400 Gallons 3/4" 225gph 7.8' 27 0.45 16'
PP350 650 Gallons 350gph 11.5' 42 0.80
PP575 1000 Gallons 575gph 13.5' 68 1.20

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