Pond Boss The Block Bio-Maintenance

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Enhance your pond's vitality with 'The Block' by Pond Boss PRO—a potent mix of active bacteria and enzymes engineered to rejuvenate water quality by diminishing unwanted nutrients. The common culprits of pond pollution—such as decaying leaves, grass clippings, expired plants, surplus feed, and other organic waste—accumulate at the pond's bottom, forming a mucky layer known as 'sludge.' This layer is a notorious source of unpleasant smells and oxygen scarcity.

By incorporating 'The Block' into your pond care routine, you can efficiently break down this organic detritus, boosting your pond's health and clarity.

Benefits include:

  • Sharpened water clarity
  • Neutralization of odors from hydrogen sulfide, decomposing flora, and fish byproducts
  • Reduction of ammonia and nitrogen concentrations
  • Organic sludge dissolution
  • Enhanced levels of dissolved oxygen
  • Versatility across various pH levels and water temperatures

Comes in 2 Sizes: 

  • A 1 lb. block is capable of treating up to 1 acre-foot of water (equivalent to 320,000 gallons)
  • A 5 lb. block is capable of treating up to 5 acre-feet of water (equivalent to 1.6 million gallons)

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