Pond Master Air Pump and full Aeration Kits

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The Pond Master Air Pump Complete System Kits are designed for easy and quick installation. Each kit includes an air pump, weighted airline tubing, and diffusers necessary for pond aeration. Unlike other kits, not all of these kits include weighted airline tubing. The light PondMaster diffusers in these kits come with a "ballast bag" where you can add rocks to weigh down the diffuser for effective operation.

Kit Pump Tubing Type Tubing Diffusers
AP-20KIT AP-20
20' Length 6" Stick Diffuser
AP-40 Poly 20' Lengths 6" Stick Diffuser
1/2" Weighted Airline 50'
7" Ring Diffuser
1/2" Weighted Airline 50' 7" Ring Diffuser

The Pondmaster® AP-Series Air Pumps offer an affordable solution for aerating ponds and lakes, enhancing the dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies. This promotes the breakdown of waste, boosts fish health, stimulates plant growth, and prevents ponds from freezing over in winter. The oil-free motor ensures optimal efficiency and cost savings. For outdoor use, it is advisable to partially enclose the unit for weatherproofing. All AP-Series pumps are designed to operate on standard 110V electricity and include a 6-foot power cord for convenient installation.

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