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API Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer


API (Pond Care)

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Pond-zyme Sludge destroyer is a super concentrated blend of dry beneficial bacteria and natural barley that keeps ponds clean. Specially selected bacterial strains in POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER immediately begin breaking down fish waste and dead algae that cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters. Through enzymatic action, POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER reduces pond maintenance and keeps pond water clean and clear. POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER is a 100%-natural product, & safe for all pond fish, plants, and wildlife.

  • Powerful pond cleaner with natural bacteria and barley
  • Consumes pond sludge & reduces buildup of fish waste
  • Safe for fish and pond plants, as well as surrounding wildlife and pets when used as directed.
  • Super concentrated blend helps reduce pond maintenance
  • Allows pumps and filters to function efficiently to help simplify pond maintenance and ensure a healthy pond or water garden.
  • 8 oz treats up to 8,000 gallons.

TIP: For maximum cleaning power treat pond with an algaecide, then add API POND POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER. The bacteria in API POND POND-ZYME SLUDGE DESTROYER will consume the dead algae for a cleaner, clear pond.

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