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Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Waterfall/Skimmer Pumps



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Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Waterfall/Skimmer Pumps are high-capacity pond pumps designed specifically for use in skimmers, waterfalls and large ponds. These mag-drive pumps (featuring reliable ceramic bearings) deliver up to 3000gph, enough to create a dynamic, attractive waterfall or to run a medium to large size skimmer.
  • Powerful, yet efficient magnetic drive motor
  • Oil-free design is safe for fish and aquatic life
  • Includes back-flow check valve and 1.5" fittings
  • Use as submersible pump or in-line pump
Model Max Head Max Watts/Amps Weight
02650 2000gph Pump 13' 145W / 2.1A 9lb
02660 3000gph Pump 15' 250 / 2.3A 11lb

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