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PondMAX Automatic Fish Feeder

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PondMax automatic fish feeder will feed your fish what ever the weather. Rest assured your fish will be administered the exact quantity of feed at the time you have set each day. Regular fish feeding is the key to health fish with the automatic pond fish feeder you can feed automatcally 1-6 times per day and the food quantity can be adjusted according to the quantity of fish in your pond.

Guildlines on Food Quality

The amount of fish food needed for optimaum fish health and maximim grouth depends on the quantity of fish in the pond, their size/age, the season and the water temperature of the pond. In general the following guildelines apply:

  • wintertime. very minimal quantity once only
  • late autumn and early spring 1-2 X per day small quantity
  • warmer periods in spring and autumn 2 feedings per day
  • In summer 2-6 feedings per day

Feed no more than the fish will eat in 5 minutes and remove leftover food if possible. Powered by 2 1.5V AA Batteries ( not included). Holds any pellet food up to 8mm size.

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OK, but ...

The feeder is OK, but I have four comments: 1) Value: The unit is way too expensive for the all-plastic design. There are two openings, one on each side of the unit. They open the same way. It is a little hard to press a tab and lift with the small handle-like protrusion. If using the mounting system, the mounting bracket requires a bit of force to attach the the feeding unit. I don't know if it comes off easily or without breaking. I'm a bit fearful of trying. 2) Safety: There are sharp plastic edges. 3) Feedings per Day: Yes, the mechanism can dispense 1-6 times per day, but what is not disclosed is that the feedings only come in 4-hour increments over 24 hours. 4) Dispensing: The description does not make it clear that the food is dispensed through the bottom of the unit. This may mean that you have to suspend the feeder by using the provided thin, hollow metal poles and corner bracket to make an L-shaped hanger that goes into the soil. There are 4 pole segments, each about 12 inches long. This permits an L-shape that is one of: 2 feet high and 2 feet long (as described in the instructions), three feet high and 1 foot long, or 1 foot high and 3 feet long. I have not tested whether the 3 feet long configuration will work long with the 2 lbs of feed plus feeder weight; it may require a different mechanism, like some rebar, to anchor it better.

Alfonso C.
United States United States
Efficient design, Simple use, Nice size, Personable customer service!

I have purchased many timing feeders and this one by far is superior. It is easy to use, the timer like all timers get some adjusting to. I kept it on my counter top for a few days to set the dosage and timing of feeding and within two days I had the sequence. On the third day I decided to change the timing sequence and suddenly the unit appeared to stop working, but I changed the batteries and that fixed the problem. Word to the wise newly purchased batteries can be faulty. I was mpressed that the seller contacted me before to thank me for the purchase and was very quick to offer assistance when the unit appeared to be not working. I went on a much needed vacation and returned with happy well fed koi. Thank you much!

United States
Works fine

Works fine. Wanted something a bit more sturdy but didn’t want to shell out the mega bucks for the koi cafe. This seemed to work just fine.