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PondMAX Photocell with Timer



Regular price $39.98

Go beyond on and off with using this high-quality PondMAX photocell timer to turn your pond lights on when you need them and off when you don't - no matter what time of the year. Stop wasting electricity by adding this photocell with timer to your Lighting system. Easy to use, plugs inline and senses when it is night time to switch on your lights. Can be used in any 12-volt system up to 100 watts. This unit offers a 4 or 6 Hour Timer Function.

The PondMax Photocell Timer can be used with both the PondMax Color-Changing Pond & Garden Lights and the PondMax Warm White Pond & Garden Lights. It is impressive how stunning your pond or garden can look with the addition of a few well-placed lights and this automatic light sensor makes usage truly set it and forget it. 

PondMaX Photocell light sensor has 3 modes:

  1. Mode 1: Day and Night sensor only
  2. Mode 2: Day and Night sensor with a limited run time of 4 hours
  3. Mode 3: Day and Night sensor with a limited run time of 6 hours

To change between modes, simply press the button on the bottom of the unit until the LED light indicates the mode you want. Mode 1 is selected when no LED lights are lit up.