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PondMAX Warm White LED Kit (Complete Light Kit)



Regular price $89.98


The PondMAX LED Pond Lights are high quality, energy efficient lights for illumination in and around the pond. The LED Lights are submersible so they can be placed down in the pond or in the waterfall. 

All PondMax LED Lights come with plug & play connections. Each light is equipped with a four pin daisy chain connection for additional lights to be connected. This eliminates extra cords that need to run back to the outlet.

Warm White LED Light Kit Specs:

  • Cable Length: 16 ft  (Add on Lights Come with 9' cord)
  • Transformer Included with Light Kit
    • Small 1-light or 3-light Warm White LED kits comes with 18W transformer
    • Large 1-light or 3-light Warm White LED kits comes with 36W transformer
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Also, don't forget, you can also add on the Warm White Fountain & Waterfall Add-On Lights.