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Savio External Pump Kit - K1002


Regular price $22.95

The K1002 - Savio External Pump Kit Adapts most external pumps for use with the Savio Skimmerfilter. Allows an external pump to draw water from the central chamber of the Savioe Skimmerfilter through its internal baffle and out the side of the skimmer's outer wall.

This kit allows you to connect an external pump to your Savio SkimmerFilter with the Savio External Pump Kit. The Savio external pump kit provides you everything you need to easily connect an external pump to your Savio SkimmerFilter.

This kit includes Bulkhead fitting for easy connection through your Savio SkimmerFilter along with 1-1/2" fittings.

View Savio K1002 Installation Instruction Manual (PDF)