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Savio UVinex System UV Clarifiers



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Savio UVinex System ... The Best way to Eliminate Free Floating Algae

Savio's 2nd Generation UV Clarifier is the product of nearly 2 years of R&D. Introducing the latest breakthrough in clear water technology - UVinex. A natural and safe approach to control all types of unwanted algae.

When properly used these UVinex systems also assist in the control of parasites and bacteria. Providing clear, clean, safe, pristine water. Great when there are small children and pets around!

A great product that assists in making your water feature one step closer to a maintenance free existence.

Standard Skimmerfilters    
UV Size Max GPH Max Pond Gallons
One 26watt Uvinex 2500 2400
Two 26watt Uvinex 5000 4800
One 50watt Uvinex 4750 4500
Two 50watt UVinex 9500 9000
Compact Skimmerfilters    
UV Size Max GPH Max Pond Gallons
One 18watt Uvinex 2000 2500


Savio UVinex Warranty

Savio Engineering provides a manufacturer's limited warranty of 1 year from original purchase date. Warranty does not cover consumables or wear items such as bulbs, sleeves or o-rings. Warranty is non-transferable. Within the warranty period Savio will repair materials with manufacturing deficiencies at their discretion. This warranty does not cover any faults caused by improper use, installation and handling of the device or as a result of wear and tear. Savio Engineering, Inc. does not assume liability for consequential damage caused by the failure of the Savio UVinex. Warranty is void if the product is not used in accordance with instructions. For warranty claims, click here

View UVinex Operating Manual (PDF)