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Scott Aerator Beachroller Weed Eliminator


Scott Aerator

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The Beachroller Weed Eliminator from Scott Aerator eliminates lake weeds at the roots! This weed-cutting tool pulls weeds out by the roots while simultaneously loosening pond muck and silt. The 24" roller features 6 custom blades large tooth cutter blades, small tooth cutter blades, and weed ripper blades. Simply place in the water, push along the lake bottom, and repeat until the beach is clean!

  • Cut weeds don't stick to the roller, eliminating need to stop and clean
  • 15' handle breaks down into pieces for easy storage
  • 24" wide roller cleans wide swaths of shoreline
  • Made in the USA
UPC Code 655003855920
Description Beachroller Weed Eliminator

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