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Sea Side Aquatics Champion Koi Food - Build Up Plus

Sea Side Aquatics

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Made by Hai Feng
  • Seaside Aquatics Build Up Plus is Specially Formulated for Fast Growth and Maintenance of Body Conformation of your koi fish.
  • Promotes Secretion of Hormones and Helps Form Body Volume in a Short Period of time. 
  • Maintain Beautiful Skin and Color.
  • Support Koi Immune System and Strengthens Internal Organs.
  • Reduces Waste and Preserve Water Quality

Feeding Instructions:
  • Feed 2 to 4 times daily when the water temperature is between 15°C to 30°C (60°F to 86°F). Do not exceed the amount the fish will eat within 10 minutes. Remove the remaining food after 1 hour.
  • Feed 2 to 3 times weekly when the water temperature is lower than 15°C (60°F). The amount should also be reduced to half of the regular quantity.
  • Stop feeding if the water temperature is lower than 12°C(53°F)or the water temperature suddenly drops more than 5°C(9°F). Give your fish 2 to 3 days to adjust to the water temperature then restart feeding.
  • When any sudden drop of your fish's appetite is observed, please check to make sure your fish is not sick because of improper water temperature or water pollution.
  • If more than half of the tank water has been changed, do not feed your fish for 24 hours
Fish Meal, Wheat Germ, Shrimp Meal, Wheat Flour, Dried Yeast, Fish Protein, Protease, Minerals, Vitamins and Natural Colors

Guaranteed Analysis:
Min. Crude Protein 42%
Min. Crude Fat 4%
Max. Crude Fiber 4%
Max. Crude Ash 15%
Max. Ash insoluble in HCl 2%
Max. Moisture 9%