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SeaSide Aquatics Combi RDF Filters

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Sea Side Aquatics

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Sea Side Aquatics Combi RDF Filters are Top of their Class. These units offer the best combination (combi) of Mechanical filtration and Biological Filtration in an all in one, easy to use, automated self-cleaning unit.

How Do These Work So well?

First, dirty water enters the filter and is screened through a rotating drum filter (RDF) which physically separates dirt and debris down to 75 microns from the water column and then automatically flushes it away! Yes! You heard correctly, 75 Microns! even the best-designed Sieves on the market can only filter down to 200 Microns, so this is more than double even the best sieve. The reason it can filter out this small of particles is because of the automatic rinse that occurs. Typically this occurs several times a day automatically which prevents the screen from getting clogged. In a normal pond, it's not realistic to clean a filter several times a day which is why these can work so well.

Next, once all of the particles down to 75 microns are stipped from the water, this now mechaniically filtered pond water then passes through a fluidized bed of media. Fluidized bed filters have long been known as one of the best pond filters on the market. The fluidized bed is powered by air and is constantly circulating adding valuable oxygenation to your pond at the same time the beneficial bacteria on the beads is completing the biological filtration.

One great advantage of these fluidized beds over others is that they are highly efficient in the denitrification cycle. In the fluidized filters, the media is held in suspension by an air pump and constantly moving so that every particle of the media will have an exposed surface area to contain the beneficial bacteria need to purify the water of nitrates, ammonia etc! Another great advantage of these filters is that the maintenance side of them is drastically reduced as they tend to run for much longer periods without clogging and indeed they have the ability to clean themselves. And since these fluidized beds are also powered by an air diffuser, that means you are also adding oxygen to your water at the same time.

Bonus! For a limited time, each Seaside aquatics Combi Filter also comes with a drop in Periha UV at no additional cost (while supplies last only)

There are currently 5 models to choose from.

CL-65 Seaside Combi RDF Filter Specs


CL-35 Seaside Combi RDF Filter Specs


CL-22 Seaside Combi RDF Filter Specs

C-25 Seaside Combi RDF Filter Specs

C-25 Low (Gravity Fed ONLY)




Materials Used:

  • 75-micron stainless steel 316 screen
  • PP 15 mm housing / PP15 mm/ PP 20 mm drum
  • Stainless steel 316/304 / Silicone seal


  • Screen panel 75-micron stainless steel 316!
  • 110 mm wastewater drain
  • 3/4" airline input for air pump
  • Spray bar with removable mounting, high-pressure PVC 40 bar Cover
  • Air Disc 35cm
  • Air Disc Connection 20/25mm
  • Gravity / Airlift / Pump fed
  • Control box on filter is 110v US standard
  • Cover Included
  • Drum turning rinse time automatically kicks on when needed! Super low maintenance.
  • You have the ability to adjust the drum rinse time duration. You also have the ability to activate the clean cycle manually if needed.
  • Rinse level is also adjustable
  • Delivered with Comprehensive Manual
  • Standard dry-run protection for pond pump
  • CE Marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • 1-year warranty on all parts (ex sieve elements)

All components assembled in modules and therefore quickly interchangeable. Made in Holland.


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Great service

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Quick response and delivery. A+

Neil P.
United States United States
P.I.K. is passionate about what they do!

Ben took the time to speak to me for quite a while on his day off to lead me to the right equipment selection. Still a ways out from putting it all in service but I know he stands behind his product and will provide support if need be.