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Tangental Pond Return (TPR) 2"



Regular price $24.99

Awesome for creating an underwater current in your pond, the Tangential Pond Return 2" Pond return can be set at angle for better circulation and flow in your koi pond. Use multiple Tangental Pond Returns to push water in the same direction to create a swirling circular motion in your pond to assist with your bottom drain's collection of waste. 


  • Flanged Connectors make your return lines to the pond an easy installation.
  • Pond return can be set at angle for better circulation
  • Full smooth flow – no obstruction
  • Perfect for concrete and liner ponds
  • Wide flange for better liner grip
  • Strong injection molded ABS
  • Stainless Steel screws included
  • 2" PVC coupling included

These Tangental Pond Returns also come in a 1.5" version.