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Tsurumi 4HF High Flow Water Feature Pump


Tsurumi Pump

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All Tsurumi water feature pumps contain the highest quality materials and components to provide years of trouble-free continuous duty use as pond pumps, waterfall pumps, fountain pumps, and more. The Tsurumi 4HF High Flow Water Feature Pump features a 304 stainless steel housing, oil-free motor, and an axial flow impeller for incredible flows at low head and low energy consumption. Its larger size and incredibly high flow may require more space and flow than a skimmer can provide.
  • Cast iron axial-flow impeller achieves high flow rates with low energy use
  • Handles solids up to 0.3", so you don't have to worry about small particles
  • Dual inside mechanical seal with SiC faces provides long life
  • Oil lifter provides lubrication of seal faces
  • Meausres 10" diameter x 22" high
  • 32' power cord
  • 2 year warranty
Model Max
Flow Rate
HP Phase Watts Volts Amps Outlet
100AB2.4S 4HF 12760gph 12' 1/2 Single 1000 115 7.9 4"

Operating Head
Operating Head
Flow Rate at Given Head
3' 6' 10'
4HF 5' - 7' 3' - 10' 12760gph 9510gph 3170gph

Instruction Manual Dimensions Diagram Flow Chart Performance