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Waterfall Spillway for BioSteps 10



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Waterfall Spillway for BioSteps 10

Now you can add an instant waterfall spillway to your BioSteps filter. The optional Waterfall Spillway connects easily to the discharge port of the BioSteps. You can simply position the BioSteps with Waterfall Spillway right next to the pond's edge and let the waterfall spill directly to your pond helping create better oxygen levels. If you want to get fancy, you can position the BioSteps hidden within the rockwork of your ponds waterfall. If you use rubber liner underneath your rock waterfall you can attach the rubber liner to the Waterfall Spillway. Doing this will hide the BioSteps within the rockwork of your pond's waterfall. This will disguise the whole filter and make your pond look more natural.

You may also purchase the Waterfall Spillway by itself to create a little "Mini Falls" around your pond's edge. Disguise it with rockwork and you'll get a natural looking waterfall easily. 

Maximum Flow for is 1200 gallons per hour.

Has 2" hole in the back.