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Waterway TruSeal Diverter Valves



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Waterway positive seal diverter valves have been designed for the most demanding applications. The TruSeal Valve is loaded with features and there is not a longer warranty in the industry.


  • This high-quality diverter valve is made of corrosion-resistant CPVC with a Teflon-coated silicone seal that requires no lubrication for the lifetime of the valve.
  • TruSeal valves are manufactured with deeper sockets than other brands which results in better bonding of glue joints.
  • Water goes into the bottom, the Click & lock handle offers 72 locking positions/points
  • Includes flow labels to quickly and easily identify water destination
  • Adaptable to most valve actuators with a universal shaft spline pattern
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty on valve seal
  • Made in the USA
Waterway 3-Way Diverter

    Options: Available in 2" or 1 1/2" slip

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