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Yamabuki Ogon


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Yamabuki Ogons are a metallic yellow Koi. You don't want to get a Yamabuki Ogon that is too yellow when you are selecting one. For some reason, they seem to develop Hi (red) spots, usually on the head. Yamabuki Ogons are very vibrant and very popular because they so easily stand out, even in murky water.

Important - Please read before purchase:  We are currently not shipping koi. If you decide to purchase online, please call us at (844) 752-9485 or email us at sales@playitkoi.com before you checkout to guarantee availability. On a weekly basis (every Saturday) we update our inventory lists and quantities to reflect current stock. However, as we have shipments arriving from Japan as well as customers coming in and buying every day of the week, availability may vary. Once you contact us, we will check the availability and reserve your fish, otherwise these fish are on a first come, first serve basis.   Also, please note that the Images on this page are intended only to give you a visual representation of what the breed generally looks like and are not pictures of the koi you are purchasing. we have way too many to choose from and updating these constantly is not realistic. I can send you actual pictures upon request but we encourage you to stop by to store to see in person (sales@playitkoi.com).

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