Zapp Pure UV


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This is the top of the line UV on the market today - designed to work all flow rates and pressurizations. constructed of high grade stainless steel, these won't rust or deteriorate like some of the cheaper plastic models available today.

Sporting an impressive 4" vessel with 2" inlets/outlets means no flow restrictions.
ZP-5 23 in. tall...for ponds up to 6000 gal. with flow rates of 2100 gph

High Intensity-70,000 microwatt output
316 Stainless Steel- not 304 like most stainless units
Longlife Electronic Ballasts
Optional GFIC protector
Long 12' cord or longer by special order
2" inlet/outlet
4" Diameter keeps the water close to the lamp for maximum kill in a single pass
4" Diameter vessel is the perfect size for no restriction flow
Quartz Sleeve LeakTite fitting is all stainless, including the lock down nut - not troublesome plastic like some units.
Lamp changing is easy - takes only minutes
Adjustable pressure switch equipped for automatic easy on/off as flow demands.If your pump fails this unit shut off so you don't cook it.
Pressure switch bypass button equipped for easy testing of lamp and ballast
Can be mounted horizontal or vertical
1 year warranty on the lamp.
5 year warranty on the rest of the unit.
Polished inside and out for maximum effect- some stainless steel UV's are polished only on the outside.
ZAP 5 is 23 in. tall.....for ponds up to 6000 gal. with optimum flow rate of 2100 gph.
Draws 36 watts

These units are truly high performance/high intensity units utilizing over 70,000 microwatts of killing power. Few UV's can make this claim.

Replace only one lamp instead of several. This could save you big "$". Changing a lamp or ballast on these is super simple.