Indoor/Outdoor Koi Pond - One of a Kind - By Phuoc Tran - Play It Koi

They say a pictures is worth a thousand words. I wonder what this one-of-a kind koi pond, built by DIYr Phouc (Kevin) Tran is worth? Priceless in our opinion!

 Phouc (Kevin) Tran is not only one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but he is also an amazing and inspiring koi collector and DIY pond builder. After 10 years of base-level koi keeping, Kevin decided to "take the plunge" and build the pond of his dreams with Play It Koi! We were super excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with him on the design and build of his pond. The final output is an incredible & unique rarely experienced indoor/outdoor koi pond. Read on to learn how he accomplished his vision...

Kevin Tran L Shaped Koi pond indoor/outdoors spectacular

Phuoc Kevin Tran Koi Pond Build 2

This pond is L-Shaped 5000 Gallon pond that wraps both outside and inside his enclosed Patio. It includes a viewing window so he can see and interact with his prized koi from all angles. This project took approximately 4 months to plan and build, and the results are worth it. 

 LED color changing Falls from atlantic water gardens

Starting from reverse. First, focusing on the outputs, and then working backwards in the system, Kevin wanted a super clean-lined look for his falls with the abiilty to light up the room with Color-changing LEDs. He chose to embed a 36" Atlantic Water Gardens Color-Changing Colorfalls spillway (CC36) into a faux wall and use 3 X 1.5" Tangential Pond Returns (TPRs) to move water easily and push debris towards a 4" Rhino Retro Aerated Bottom Drain along with a  Savio Skimmerfilter with 16" weir assembly and Savio Auto Top off to ensure the water level stay perfectly constant. 

Flow can be tricky in an L-Shaped Pond. Keeping energy consumption and pond pump longevity also in mind, to run the filtration and UV, we chose a top of the line Low RPM ArtesianPro 1/3HP pump which produced a perfect 7320 GPH at 3' of head which fit perfectly for his pond filtration and pond UV. 

Rhino Retro II 2 bottom drain aereated

For pond filtration, Kevin knew that with a glass window there is no other option but to go with the best-of-the-best pond filtration; in this instance, a self-cleaning Rotating Drum Filter (RDF) c30 pro along with an Evolution Aqua K1 Microbead 36 Filter and 150W Matala Stainless Steel UV with 2" Unions.  

We couldn't be happier with the finished product of this masterful and creative Koi pond build and are very grateful to have collaborated with him on this. 

Checkout the photos and let us know what you think?



 Materials Used In the Build: 



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