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PondMAX Color Changing LED Kit (Complete Light Kit)



Regular price $149.98


The new generation remote controlled color changing LED light offers the latest LED technology to effectively illuminate your pond or garden at night time. These color changing are dimmable so you can always adjust the amount of light you want to see.  Comes in a starter kit that includes 1 to 3 color changing LED lights (based upon the kit you choose), Remote Control, Transformer, Control module, and Weighted Base.  Available in Large and Small sizes.  

The small Kit includes an 18w transformer, and the large kit includes a 36W transformer.

The small lights are rated at 2.3 watts each, and Large lights are rated at 5.8 watts each. 

You can order add on lights that connect to each other when additional lights are desired. 

  • Energy Efficient Multi-Color LEDs
  • Easy to use water proof connections
  • Multi-Function Remote Control (30-foot remote range)
    • 8 different colors:  RedGreenBlueWhiteOrangeYellowAqua, and Purple
    • Color intensity (brightness) can be raised and lowered
    • Several modes (lights will rotate between colors)
    • Speed and brightness can be adjusted when put in the auto-change mode
  • Adjustable head
  • Cable length on this initial kit is16 feet (note: the add on lights sold separately have 9-foot cords)
  • 2-year warranty


Transformer power (Watts) Power Required (Watts) per light
Small Kit 18 w 2.4 w
Large Kit 36 w 5.8 w