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PondMAX Color Changing LED (Add On Light)



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Already have one of the PondMax Color Changing LED Light  Kits and want to add lights to it? No problem. You can have up to 5 same-type lights on one strand. Or, mix and match between the small and large. 

Tip: If you are going to mix & match between large and small lights, just be sure to keep the total wattage consumption at or under about 85% threshold of your transformer for best performance. It is not advisable to exceed this. 

Example: you have a Lare Color Changing Light kit with a 36w transformer. You want to run 3 large lights (5.8W each) and 5 small lights (2.4W each). Your total power consumption would be 29.4W which is under the 85% transformer threshold so no problem.  However, we would not recommend adding anything above this to ensure maximum longevity of the transformer. 

Each Add-On Light plugs into each other in a daisy chain as shown in the picture. 

These super bright, efficient LED lights offer the latest technology in lighting for the pond or garden. Safe extra low voltage/extra low heat LEDs featuring 8 main colors with selectable modes to produce countless color effects. 

  • Energy Efficient Multi-Color LEDs
  • Easy to use water proof connections
  • Multi-Function Remote Control
  • Adjustable head
  • Each Add-On Light has 9' of cable
  • 8 Color Options; RedGreenBlueWhiteOrangeYellowAqua, and Purple
  • Color intensity (brightness) can be raised and lowered
  • Several modes (lights will rotate between colors)
  • Speed and brightness can be adjusted when put in the auto-change mode

Light does not have to be used with base and also comes with a garden stake for out of pond use.


Fixture Size Power Required (Watts) per light Cable Length
Small Color Changing LED Light 4.5"L X 2.5"W X 4.25" H X 2.25" DIA 2.4 W 9 Ft
Large Color Changing LED Light 6.75"L X 3.25"W X 6" H X 3" DIA 5.8 W 9 Ft