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Cyperus Percamenthus - Dwarf Papyrus (Bare Root)

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This emergent aquatic perennial looks like Egyptian Papyrus, only it is much shorter and compact, making it easier to maintain in smaller water features. Easy to over-winter as a houseplant.

The Dwarf Giant Papyrus is an Excellent choice for water gardeners that love the look of Cyperus papyrus, but lack the space for that botanical giant. This marginal water plant's unique combination of dramatic tufts and compact growing habit makes Cyperus percamenthus great for ponds and water gardens of all sizes - including container gardens. Be sure to keep water levels 1 to 4 inches over their crowns.

They can be invasive if planted directly at the pond edge; they are controllable by placing them in 2-gallon containers before placing them in the water. Spreads 12".

When a stem bends over and touches the water, it will create new plantlets. If you want to speed up this process, cut off flower heads and float them upside down in water. Zones 9-11.

  • Color: Green foliage
  • Sun Light: Full sun to partial shade
  • Zone: Z9-Z11
  • Flowers: Greenish brown clusters that bloom in summer
  • Spread: 1’ to 2’
  • Growth: Rhizomatous; Spreading
  • Depth: Top of the pot should be 0-4" below the water surface.
  • Height: Grows 30” to 36”