Floating Fern (Ceratopteris Thalicroides form Cornuta)

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Ceratopteris thalicroides form cornuta (floating fern) Z11

Super Unique Floating Plant from the Amazon - Very Rare in the United States! This plant when fully mature looks like 2-3 plants because of its uniquely shaped leaves at different stages of its maturation.

  • The Babies' leaves (pups) are full and broad.
  • As it matures, the leaves take on a whole new look as the leaves become very intricate and delicate looking--taking on a more traditional staghorn Fern-like look.

The finely branched leaves are very decorative and provide good contrast to other leaf shapes. In good light, Ceratopteris thalictroides grows fast and helps prevent algae by consuming large amounts of nutrients.

Size: Sold as small-medium floating plants anywhere from 6 to 12 inches depending on the time in the season. As mature adults, these can get up to 3 feet across and 3 feet high.

Roots: The feathery roots hang down 8 or 9 inches into the water and provide a spawning medium for fish and a place for the fry to hide.

Lighting: This large leaf plant grows best in full shade and needs at least part shade to survive

Can also be potted and used as a potted pond plant.

Note: due to their size & growth, these plants are not suitable for aquarium use. These are not to be confused with common water sprite which is much smaller and better suited for aquariums. These water plants are more for suitable for ponds.

Check out this cool video of the mature plants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-YBT6Y9mZo

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