Grower's Choice Yellow Hardy Water Lily (Bare Root)

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Zones 3-11

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Are you searching for exquisite yellow hardy water lilies to elevate your water garden? Look no further! Our exclusive Premium Grower's Choice Yellow Water Lilies are meticulously chosen for their unmatched beauty and resilience. Each lily will enthrall you with its radiant yellow petals and delightful fragrance, creating a serene and enchanting oasis in your garden.

Our team of expert growers takes great care in handpicking the healthiest yellow hardy water lilies for your order. When you order multiples, you'll receive one or more varieties of the finest hand-selected specimens, each chosen for its remarkable characteristics. The selection may include dazzling name-branded yellow lilies, such as Charlene Strawn, Denver, Joey Tomocik, Lemon Chiffon, or other extraordinary options. Experience the joy of witnessing these elegant flowers unfurl, unveiling their graceful splendor day after day.

Please note that these water lilies are exclusively yellow, enabling you to create a harmonious and visually striking yellow-themed water garden. Harness the power of this vibrant color to design a captivating and mesmerizing display that will leave your guests in awe.

Order your Premium Yellow Hardy Water Lilies now and infuse your water garden with the irresistible allure of these breathtaking yellow blossoms! Let their vibrant beauty transport you to a world of serenity and enchantment.

New to bare-root water lilies? Check out our helpful guide on how to plant and care for your bare root water lilies.

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