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Hermine White Hardy Lily (Bare Root)

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Paper-white, Cup-shaped blooms of 3-5 inches. Dark green leaves. Can grow 2-4 feet wide in full sun to part shade in 6-24 inches of water. Good for small or medium ponds. Very prolific; blooms well and multiplies quickly.

The delicate pure-white flowers of "Hermine bring a sparkle of attention to any pond. Once established, "Hermine is an exceptional bloomer, often producing clusters of 3 or more flowers. A dwarf variety, "Hermine is happy in the smallest tubs and bowls, but is equally at home in a large pond. "Hermine is one of the first lilies to bloom in the spring and continues to bloom well into the autumn. Highly recommended for any pond or tub garden. Usually in limited supply.

Hardy Waterlilies begin blooming in early to mid-spring and continue to bloom until early to late autumn. They are exceptionally vigorous plants and are quite easy to grow. Most significantly, hardy waterlilies can survive all but the coldest arctic winters, which is the single most important characteristic that distinguishes hardy lilies from their tropical cousins.

As a general rule, hardy waterlilies prefer 12-18 inches of water above their roots (unless otherwise noted) and most of them may be planted as deep as 24-30 inches of water above the roots. The rhizomes (roots) should be planted horizontally in containers at least 12 inches in diameter. In order for all waterlilies to bloom to their capacity, they must be placed in an area that receives full sunlight (at least 6 hours per day) throughout the growing season unless otherwise noted. 

This plant is shipped as a bare root without soil or container.