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Water Poppy - Hydrocleys Nymphoides (Bare Root)


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The Hydrocoleys Nymphoides (Aka Water Poppy) are a deciduous aquatic perennial that is perfect for pond margins, where it will send out floating stems into the water. Plants flower in the summer in water that has reached at least 70 degrees F.

This is an exceptional aquatic plant for 6" to 12" of water. For optimal growth, the Water Poppy prefers rich soil in shallow waters of 6" or less, though most plants survive in water up to 12" deep. 

  • Water Poppy can be left as a floating plant, but will grow best if planted.
  • It produces oval, fleshy floating leaves and handsome golden 3-petaled flowers
  • The leaves float on the surface
  • Flowers: The yellow flowers are held several inches above the handsome, oval leaves. and the plant flowers in the summer (June-Sept)
  • An excellent choice for any size water garden
  • Sun Light: Full sun to partial shade. Prefers full sun, although will tolerate some shade. 
  • Zones: Z7-Z11.
  • Spread: 1' to 5'
  • Spacing: 9" to 12"
  • Height: 6" to 1' 
  • Planting depth: 6-12". Plant in small pots using heavy loam soil and place in the shallow end of your pond with top of pots 2-6" beneath the surface of the water. (small fabric planters are great for water poppies!) 
  • Bring plant indoors before first frost and overwinter indoors with strong grow lights in tubs or aquariums.