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Pontederia Cordata - Pickerel Rush (Bare Root)

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*Minimum purchase of 6 plants per variety per order for shipping.

**Cannot ship to CA (Pontederia cordata is not prohibited in CA; however, they will exercise their right of refusal and destroy all shipments in entirety, when found) and PR.

***Plant orders ship Mon, Tues and Wed of each week. Please allow extra delivery time if the order is placed Wed-Sun.

Pickerel Rush (AKA Pickerelweed) is a tall, upright plant that makes a beautiful addition to the pond or water garden. It produces intense blue flower spikes that continue all summer long. Produces intense blue flower spikes that continue all summer long.

Pickerel rush is an aquatic or marsh perennial with 1 spike of arrowhead-shaped leaves arising from a single basal clump. Throughout late spring and summer, Pickerel Rush produces showy 6-8 inch spires of violet-blue flowers standing on stalks 2-3 ft high. The individual flowers are about 1 inch across and elaborately-beautiful, reminiscent of an orchid. Pickerel Rush often forms dense stands that paint a summertime marsh purplish-blue. This aquatic pond plant is very easy to cultivate and should be a part of any water garden.

  • Color: dark to lime green, glossy leaves
  • Hardy Bog Plant
  • Showy Violet-Blue Spikes Add Color
  • Increases Natural Filtration
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-11
  • Spread: rhizome based root system
  • Growth: Self-propagating
  • Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade
  • Height: 24"-30"
  • Spread: 12" to 24"
  • Water Depth: Moist soil or water up to 10" deep in water(Maximum water depth is for mature bog plants)

Note: Cannot be sold into California

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Sandra S.
United States United States
Recent purchase

I recently made my second purchase from Play It Koi! They do not disappoint. I live in Charlotte so my plants had to travel a fair distance. I purchased Pickeral Rush and Water Hyacinths. I was leery of the hyacinths as I felt they are a delicate plant. Everything arrived in stellar condition. All plants are thriving. The best news is the customer service from Ben and Lisa. They are the best. I highly recommend them.

Andy M.
Good healthy plants ... when delivered, at least!

Plants arrived quickly and in good shape. Problem was that planting medium and pots ordered at same time and shipped earlier (but not overnight) did not arrive at the same time. So I put the plants into my pond just resting inside a pot. Next morning, they were scattered about - presumably by a raccoon. tossed them back in to just float about individually. Again, [pulled out and this time chewed on at base. Still not pot or medium. Placed into a pot and weighed down with a big lump of clay. Again, pulled out and gnawed some more. Finally got them planted in medium and in place in pond and ... one pulled out of pot and chewed on some more! Replanted it as best I could yesterday and posted two unbaited rat traps adjacent to pot that had been attacked. I figure it MIGHT dissuade a raccoon if it got its toes pinched. So this morning traps are not tripped and all plants are in place! I appreciate being able to purchase NATIVE plants and want to encourage seller and other buyers to consider doing the same! Check the USDA Plants Database to see if plants are native to your area before buying and do nature a favor!

john b.
United States United States
Thank you

Super fast delivery and the plants looked amazing.