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Pontederia Cordata Lanceolata - Giant Pickerel Rush (Bare Root)


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Giant Pickerel Rush is an elegant, tall, and a large, spectacular feature for the water garden. It is a marginal plant that grow up to 4 feet tall, and spreads up to 2 feet wide. It has a distinctive lanceolate leaf shape, and leaves are long and green. An eye-catching aquatic of exotic appearance, Giant Pickerel grows rapidly in full sun to part shade, with water between 3 to 12 inches over its base. When settled in, Giant Pickerel Rush creates ideal shade for small fish and critters to hide during the worst heat of the day. When established, mid to late Summer blue blooms are prolific with pollinating butterflies. It flowers best in full sun. To plant, set roots in mud at the pond margins, or plant in small containers using organic loam soil.