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ProfiDrum Rotary Drum Filters (RDFs)

ProfiDrum ECO 45/40


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For those requiring best-in-class pond filtration, look no further! ProfiDrum Rotary Drum Filters (RDFs) are top of the line prefilters and are amazingly reliable end efficient at their jobs! They required very little maintenance because of their self-cleaning abilities. The stainless steel mesh screen filters out debris and waste of up to 70-Microns small physically removing them from the water column. Sensors then tell the control box when it is time to rotate and clean the drum filter. High-pressure jets wash the 70-micron stainless steel mesh screen sending waste down the stainless steel ‘chute’

ProfiDrum RDFs come in two lines, the ‘ECO’ and Stainless Steel’ line. The ECO line consists of 4 models for flow rates from 6,600 GPH to 17,200 GPH and the Stainless Steel one is starting with flow rates of 9,250 GPH to 26,400 GPH. The internal components of each unit are largely the same, but the Eco's body is made of heavy-duty PolyPropylene and the Stainless steel body is made of 316 Stainless Steel.


  • Top-of-the-line Mechanical Filtration - The perfect prefilter designed to be used in conjunction with almost any biological filter, including pressure filters, bakki showers, mesh filters and more....
  • Internal Hardware constructed from 316 stainless Steel (an upgrade from regular 304 Grade stainless steel)
  • 70-Micron Stainless Steel Mesh screen removes even the tiniest of particles/waste and debris, far outperforming a normal sieve which typically has screens of 200-300 microns.
  • Automated Self-cleaning is managed by the Profidrum Controlbox - can be set to clean on regular intervals as well as automatically detected levels
  • Can easily be set up as either gravity-fed or pump-fed. Gravity-Fed is by default, and pump fed is easily accomplished with a few minor modifications.
  • Easily connect standard PVC to inlets and outlets using 4" Fernco rubber couplers (sold separately)

You will not believe the difference a ProfiDrum Rotary Drum Filter will make!

ProfiDrum Rotary Drum Filter Specs:

Model 4" Inlets 4" Outlets Waste Outlet Length* Width Case Height Static Level** Height w/ cover Height w/Low Profile Cover Max. Flow GPH
ProfiDrum ECO 45/40 3 2 4" 32" 22.5" 20" 16" 24.5" 21" 6,600
ProfiDrum ECO 55/40 3 2 4" 33.5" 28" 24.5" 20" 29" 25.5" 9,250
ProfiDrum ECO 65/40 4 2 4" 33.5" 33" 30" 25" 34.5" 31" 13,200
ProfiDrum ECO 65/60 4 2 4" 41.5" 33" 30" 25" 34.5" 31" 17,200
ProfiDrum Stainless Steel 55 4 3 4" 34.5" 25" 20" 17" 26" 9,250
ProfiDrum Stainless Steel 65 4 3 4" 34.5" 31.5" 26.5" 23.5" 32.5" 15,850
ProfiDrum Stainless Steel 65e 4 3 4" 50" 31.5" 26.5" 23.5" 32.5" 21,100
ProfiDrum Stainless Steel 75e 5 4 4" 50" 36.5" 32.5" 28" 37.5" 26,400
* Case Length - Add 8" to Length measurement for Drum Motor clearance
** Static Level is the distance from the Operating Water Level to the Base of the Unit. Static Level is equal to the level of the pond

View ProfiDrum RDF Instruction Manual here (PDF)

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