Sagittaria subulata - dwarf sag- Arrowhead (bare root)

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Sagittaria subulata or more commonly know as Dwarf Sag, awl-leaf arrowhead, This narrow-leaved arrowhead is an ideal oxygenating plant for ponds. This plant is highly recommended for every pond owner and does well in most ponds.

This plant grows between 6 and 12 inches tall, and looks like an underwater grass. Multiplies rapidly, and will populate in any soil you plant it in. It has small white blossoms that will bloom out of the water if in shallow water. Very valuable bottom plant for absorbing excess nutrients from water, competing with algae, and clarifying and oxygenating the water. Some gardeners use pea gravel on the pond bottom and plant hundreds of Dwarf Sagittaria for a natural filter.

Dwarf Sag also works well as a foreground plant in large aquariums or a mid-ground plant in small aquariums.

Sold per cup

It provides great protection for baby koi fry to hide in too!

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