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SeaSide Aquatics Bakki Shower

3 reviews BS-90 Waterfall

Sea Side Aquatics

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Get the ultimate in biological pond filtration with the Sea Side Aquatics bakki shower filter! With these filters, pond water is pumped to the top of the unit into a spray bar where it is dispersed over top of your ceramic biological filter media (media sold separately). As water passes through and around the media it is infused with rich oxygen and biologically filtered to aiding the denitrification cycle. Once it reaches the bottom of the top tray, it then drips through to 3 more levels of trays completing this same process again leading to clean, clear, highly-oxygenated water that your koi will love!

There is a reason you see so many koi farms in Japan and commercial aquaculture suppliers using bakki showers - Put simply, it's because they work and are incredibly reliable & efficient and require very little maintenance.


  • Superior biological filtration!
  • Easy to install - simply pump water to the top and let it flow back into your pond
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Oxygenates the water at the same time it is filtering - Off-gassing of CO2 maintains pH


  • Top Tier: water enters the unit from the side and is showered over the media via a spray bar and drips through to the middle tiers. The Inlet is metric units, but easily converted to a standard 2" US size by using a 2" Fernco coupling readily available from any hardware store (not included).
  • 2 middle tiers: water drips through open slots on the floor of the sieve into the first shower container, where it then passes over the top and through the media filtering and oxygenating the water. Then, it passes through the floor onto the next tier of media where it does the same thing before passing onto the bottom tier.
  • Bottom tier with the option of waterfall or 3 X 4" outlets
  • Each tray can stack inside each other for easy shipping and storage
  • Constructed of high-quality Polypropylene Material
  • Includes lid
  • Overflow Protection


Model Overall Size Individual Tray Size Max. Flow Recommended Pump Volume of Bacteria House
BS-60 Waterfall

28" x 15" x 33" (3 Tiers)

28" x 15" x 12” 9245 GPH 5000 GPH 60 KGS
BS-100 Waterfall

38" x 19" x 42" (4 Tiers)

38" x 18" x 12" 17170 GPH 9500 GPH 80 KGS
BS-100 Tubingx3

38" x 19" x 42" (4 Tiers)

38" x 18" x 12" 9245 GPH 5000 GPH 80 KGS


Don't forget your Momotaro Bacteria House Filter Media or Seaside Aquatics Bio House Round Media (sold separately)!

The small unit (BS-60 Waterfall) can comfortably hold up to 7 cubic feet of media. When stacked neatly, it can hold 4 boxes X 1.6 cubic Ft 154 Piece Boxes of Seaside Aquatics Bio House Round Media or 9 X Momotaro Bacteria House Filter Media to fill the entire system!

The larger units (BS-100)  can use up to 11 cubic feet of media. When stacked neatly, it can hold 7 X 1.6 cubic Ft 154 Piece Boxes of Seaside Aquatics Bio House Round Media to fill the entire system 15 boxes X Momotaro Bacteria House Filter Media fill the entire system!


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Kent M.
United States United States
Bikki shower

Great customer service and communication. I will be a repeat customer!!!!

A Play It Koi Customer
Percy M.
United States United States
I love this Bakki Filter!

I actually bought this Bakki for my fancy ranchu goldfish pond which is 475 gallons. It is a highly efficient, powerful filter and it has surpassed my expectations. It functions beautifully, has great flow, is easy to assemble, and I have had zero issues with it. Highly recommend. I have used canister filters in the past and have run into the issue of clogging over time and just in general the lack of ease of use. What I love about this filter is the easy accessibility to media inside the boxes. Also, if I want some mechanical filtration I can put some filter floss padding on the top which has worked beautifully for me. Highly recommend!

Play It Koi SeaSide Aquatics Bakki Shower Review
United States United States
Finally, Affordable

finally and affordable Bakki Shower. These guys made it eay

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