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Typha Laxmannii - Graceful Cattail (Bare Root)


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This marginal aquatic perennial spreads by creeping rhizomes to dense colonies in shallow water. Graceful cattail is easily grown in rich loamy soil. Typha laxmannii is not as tall as many of the other species in the genus, rarely more than 130 cm high. The graceful cattail ranks as one of our top selling marginal pond plants.

Slender, round, pale-green foliage. Grows 48" high and flowers in mid to late summer. Growing height: 3-4'. Planting depth: Top of the pot should be 0-6" below the water surface. Thrives in full sun to partial shade. Reed-like green leaves, light brown catkins appear in summer.

  • Color: Green blades w/ brown catkins
  • Sun Light: full sun to partial shade
  • Zone: Z4-Z10
  • Flowers: Greenish flowers arranged in a cylindrical inflorescence July-Sept.
  • Spread: 1.5’ to 3’
  • Growth: moderate
  • Fertilizer: per mfr's instructions
  • Depth: Roots submerged or in consistently moist soil
  • Height: 3’ to 5’

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