Viola Hederacea - Australian Jumping Violet (Bare Root)

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Zones 9-11

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Pretty stoloniferous violet with white and purple blooms. Excellent for margins and stream beds where a trailing plant is desired or embedded around the rocks of your pond to soften the landscape. The flowers are butterfly-shaped. Blooms from early spring through early fall.

Growth: typically 1-4 inches tall. It spreads through ground runners and can make a beautiful ground cover,

Zone Hardiness: Zones 9-11

Light requirements: grows best in part sun to part shade. However, will do well in full sun (as long as soil is kept moist) to full shade.

Soil: for best results, plant in moist soil or around your bog. It will adapt to other types of soil conditions too, but does best in moist soil.

Grown in the Pacific Northwest - This is one of Play It Koi's favorite pond plants! If in zones 9-11, these will be a great perennial. Outside of zones 9-11, please consider this an annual.

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