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Billy had a dream of a "no maintenance" koi pond. Play it Koi helped turned his dream into reality and the results are stunning! While it took a little while to get there, he made it happen.  Learn from Billy and his beautiful backyard koi pond build out as he shares his tips, tricks, and lessons learned of building a koi pond designed for the lowest maintenance possible. 

Planning Your Dream Koi Pond

The first step in realizing your dream koi pond is careful planning. Consider the location of your pond—ideally, it should be away from too many trees to avoid debris but still in a spot that catches the eye. Size is crucial; a larger pond not only looks impressive but also maintains better water quality for your fish. Additionally, make sure to check local regulations regarding water features and ensure you're compliant.

In this build, Billy knew he was going to add a deck surrounding the pond. He also wanted to take advantage of a natural hill that occured in the back side of his lot to create a beautiful multi-tiered waterfall. 

He laid out the plans on paper in advance and had Play It Koi look over the plans pre-purchase to ensure everything would work as expected. 


Before arial sketch: 

After Arial (Actual):



Designing the Pond

Designing a low-maintenance pond hinges on selecting the right features and materials. Invest in a high-quality filtration system to keep the water clear and healthy for your koi. The choice of materials for the pond liner and deck should resist weather and water damage, enhancing longevity and reducing upkeep. Incorporating elements from Billy Ngo’s pond, such as underwater lighting and a seamlessly integrated deck, can transform a simple pond into a stunning focal point.

Here are the pond components that Billy built into his design to make this backyard dream come true: 


The Building Process

Following the planning & design of the process, he ordered up the parts & the build began. The build for this pond took about 12 weeks all said and done as it involved not only the pond, but a wrap around deck thereafter. It was important to get the pond in place first so that he could move all the rocks into position and cut the deck precisely around the finished pond.

Here are some photos of the excavation beginning



The build involved pond involves several key steps:

  1. Excavation: Dig to the desired shape and depth.
  2. Installation: Lay the geotextile & pond liner, install the filtration system, and set up any electrical components safely, lay the rock, and finish the pond
  3. Deck Building: Construct the wrap-around deck, ensuring it is structurally sound and harmonizes with the pond’s edge.


Adding Livestock: The Best Plants and Fish for Your Pond

Choosing the right plants and fish is essential for a balanced ecosystem. Opt for aquatic plants that provide oxygen and remove toxins, such as water lilies and hornwort. When selecting koi, consider different colors and patterns to create a visually captivating display. Introduce your koi gradually to their new environment, making sure they adapt well.

Here are the plants that Billy selected to go around the pond: 

 And for Koi fish, Billy chose lots of different options, but here are his favorites: 

 Stunning! just stunning! 

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pond Pristine

While Billy set an ambitious goal of No Maintenance, every koi pond will involve some maintenance. This is about as low-maintenance koi pond as you can possibly get. 

In this video, Billy walks us through the pond equipment that powers this beautiful koi pond. Pay particular attention to the home made muffler he made for his air pump. And, he shocks us with a stat that we've never heard before....He only cleaned his pond once all of last year. Wow! 


Enjoying Your Koi Pond

Your koi pond is not just a beautiful feature but also a source of relaxation and joy. Enhance its surroundings with complementary landscaping, comfortable seating, and perhaps a fire pit for evening gatherings. Take inspiration from Billy Ngo, who uses his pond as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This wrap-around deck pond is amazing! 

Creating a low-maintenance koi pond like Billy Ngo’s is a rewarding project that not only enhances your property's appeal but also provides a serene escape in your backyard. With the right planning, design, and care, your koi pond will bring beauty and joy for years to come.

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