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Cap'n Brien Spina, CEO of Off The Hook Comedy Club, has masterfully combined leisure and art by constructing an exquisite raised concrete koi pond adjacent to his beautiful swimming pool. This unique setup features four viewing windows and a bar top where guests can sit and gaze at the vibrant koi as they swim by.

Koi Pond Cap'n Brien Spina



The design of the pond, with its clear viewing windows, allows for an immersive experience as observers can appreciate the beauty of these fish from multiple angles. It’s a creative blend of aquatic life and relaxation, offering a tranquil space for guests to unwind.

Cap'n Brien Spina Bar at Koi pond





At Play It Koi, we're all about bringing such visions to life. Spina's project is a prime example of the harmonious balance between aesthetics and the nuanced care of koi fish. With the right equipment, maintaining such a stunning pond becomes easier, and the equipment used in Spina's koi pond reflects the top-notch selection we advocate for at Play It Koi.





  This list of carefully selected equipment, includes:


Spina's dedication to creating a perfect habitat for his koi not only highlights his passion for aquatic life but also offers an enchanting and serene atmosphere for human enjoyment. This blend of functionality and beauty is a testament to his commitment to excellence, both in his entertainment ventures and his personal pursuits. By sharing Spina's approach and the detailed equipment list, we aim to inspire and support our community's passion for koi ponds.


For more information on how to create your own backyard koi pond paradise, visit us at Play It Koi, where we offer the best products and advice for building and maintaining your koi pond. Join us, and let's make your koi pond dreams a reality.


Cap'n Brien Spina RDF FilterCap'n Brien Spina Bakki Shower

Cap'n Brien Spina koi pond almost done

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