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American Frogbit - Limnobium Spongia

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Note: Cannot Ship to California or Puerto Rico.

Frogbit is a floating plant with leathery heart-shaped leaves that are deeply notched at the base and thick in the center. Flowers are small and white and grow on stalks about 1/3 as tall as the leaves from summer to early fall.

Blooms July-August and then goes dormant in Winter. Intermingles well with water lilies. 

    Color: Green
    Sun Light: Full sun to partial shade
    Zone: Hardy to Zone 6
    Spacing: No Minimum
    Spread: Trailing / Spreading
    Growth: Moderate to Fast. Can be very aggressive. Will root where ever possible.
    Fertilizer: Absorbed From Water
    Depth: Floating
    Height: 1/3 inch tall
    Scientific name: Limnobium Laevigatum


    Shipping Expectations: Minimum order quantity = 6.  Note - it is unlikely that these frog-bits will arrive with the white flowers. After proper fertilization and sunlight will these plants develop these flowers but they are delicate and typically will shed during shipping. We've found the best success in shipping these when we send them earlier in the week to avoid lengthier shipping times caused by carriers weekend breaks. Orders placed Wed-Friday are likely to be shipped the following Monday. 

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