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Equisetum Hyemale 'Robustum' - Giant Horsetail (Bare Root)


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Ranked as one of the top-selling pond plants from Pond Magazine, this unusually sculptural and hardy aquatic perennial is a prehistoric relative of ferns. It is evergreen in frost-free climates, herbaceous otherwise. Perfect for ponds and water gardens.

Equisetum hyemale ‘Robustum’ (AKA Giant Horsetail) has segmented leaves and grows tall, reaching heights often over 5´. This marginal plant makes a great selection for display in the background of a planting. It also looks great when planted in front of a wall or in a large container. Horse Tail prefers full sun and will grow well in damp soil or shallow water. Best used in containers, troughs or in contained ponds due to their running growth habit.

Horse tail’s jointed stems, very distinctive. Cylindrical habit when grown in a container. Tolerates some shade. Prefers very shallow water to moist soil. The upper joints produce side shoots in the second or third year that give it a slightly fern-like appearance. 

  • Color: Green reeds
  • Sun Light: Full sun to Partial Shade
  • Zone: Z3-Z9
  • Flowers: Non-flowering
  • Spacing: 8 plants per square meter
  • Spread: 3’ to 8’
  • Growth: Fast
  • Depth: In water up to 4” deep
  • Height: 3’ to 8’